Emerging Writers' Festival Panel / by Torika Bolatagici

Photo credit: © Emerging Writers Festival 2019

Photo credit: © Emerging Writers Festival 2019

I’m looking forward to chairing a panel for the Emerging Writers Festival next week. Join me with Anne-lise Ah-fat and Kylie Tran for a session called Remaking Libraries:

Libraries can be sites for the democratisation of access to knowledge, but they can also perpetuate systems and structures of knowledge that are exclusionary or elitist. Hear from the founders of alternative approaches to library building: the Community Reading Room, Incendium Radical Library and Đất Nước travelling library.

Kylie is a librarian at University of Melbourne with a keen interest in human rights issues, such as access to information and equitable services, as they relate to libraries and the communities they serve. She is part of Librarians for Refugees, Vietnamese for Refugees and the Đất Nước travelling library project. Lately she’s been researching Vietnamese writers of the diaspora as a way to connect with her Vietnamese identity.

Anne-lise Ah-fat is a community organiser, mother of two, facilitator and educator who is passionate about transformative justice. Anne-lise is a co-founder of Incendium Radical Library, IRL Infoshop and Undercurrent Community Education Project. Anne-lise is passionate about accountability, prison abolition and malleefowl. Anne-lise works with persons of diverse cultural and economic backgrounds and believes that social change can only occur collectively.  http://incendiumradicallibrary.com

This session is part of the Booked Up Masterclass. Tickets here: https://emergingwritersfestival.org.au/event/masterclass-booked-up/