Transoceanic visual exchange

Image by Dondre Trotman.

Image by Dondre Trotman.

I'm thrilled to be coordinating the Oceanic content for the 2nd Transoceanic Visual Exchange established by Fresh Milk Barbados in 2015.

"Fresh Milk (Barbados) Footscray Community Arts Centre (Melbourne) and Third Horizon Media (Miami) are pleased to present recent film and video works – screenings, installations, new media and expanded cinema – by contemporary artists, to be included in the second edition of Transoceanic Visual Exchange (TVE), a series of programmes taking place this year between Barbados, Australia and the United States. Submitted works must have been completed in the last five years and must be made by artists practicing in the Caribbean, Oceania and their diasporas.

TVE will be a collection of recent artists’ films and videos from each region. However, the final shape and content of the programme will be informed by a community curatorial process, which aims to involve and promote discussion within the wider arts communities of each participating initiative.

Working between the Caribbean, Oceania (Pacific Islands) and their diasporas, TVE aims to negotiate the in-between space of our cultural communities outside of traditional geo-political zones of encounter and trade. TVE intends to build relations and open up greater pathways of visibility, discourse and knowledge production between the regional art spaces and their communities."
Source: TVE website